Will you marry me?

You Know That I Love You
And I Want To Share My Whole Life With You

Every Time I Hear Your Voice
I Get Butterflies Like It Was The First Time
You Do Something To Me I Can’t Explain
I Need You And I Care
I Want You To Always Be There.

Your Smile Lights Up My Day,
Having You Around
Means So Much To Me..

I Love You So Much
Your Everything I’ll Ever Need.
You’re My Best Friend,
My Love, The Girl I Want To Marry,
I Know Loving Me, Sometime’s Isn’t Easy
I’m Stubborn, Possessive,
But You’ll See I’m Worth It…

I’ll Stand By Your Side, Through It All,
Through The Good & Bad, Thick & Thin
I’ll Fight For You, When You Can’t Fight Any More
I’ll Be The One To Dry Your Eyes, And Keep The Faith Alive.

When You Feel Like Giving Up
I’ll Be The One You Can Turn Too
I’ll Help You Through The Year’s
I’ll Never Leave Your Side..
You’re The Girl I Adore,
I Believe In You, & I Believe In Us

We May Fuss & Fight, But Loving You
Just Always Feel’s So Right..
When I’m Mad Or Upset
Please Remember, I Still Love You
Nothing You Could Do,
Will Make Me Stop Wanting You..

You Mean So Much To Me.
I Want To Be Your Hubby
So I Ask You Today
With Love And Care,
Will You Make Me Happy?
Will You Marry Me?
I Need You In My Life
You A Huge Part Of Me..
And I Want You To Know
I’ll Love, Respect, & Honor You
Everything Happens For A Reason,
And You My Reason For Everything,
I Always Knew We Were Meant To Be,

Can’t You See, ?
This Is How It’s Always Been Meant To Be.
I Love You Now. I’ll Love You Tomorrow
I’ll Love You Throughout Eternity,
I Ask You This One More Time =)
Out Of Love,