Million times

I have seen you a million times
And every time I see you

I fall in love with you all over again
My heart starts to race

My frown turns into a smile
And all my worries are now in my past
When you smile at me my heart melts

You give the sweetest hugs
Every time you hug me

Your smile is like a new day
Your sense of humour is like no other
The ability you have to make me smile

Is all you need you love me
Your laugh is so soft and sweet
Just looking in your eyes

Makes me melt inside
Your lips look so soft

Soft enough to kiss
You, yourself relive me from all pain

Your hands are as soft as a pillow
The way you comfort me is amazing

Every time we say good-bye
I start to cry

I say good-bye to you too many times
I said good-bye to you a million times.