Angleški verz you’ll never know

You`ll never know how much I loved you..

what was the problem??

you`ve done a big mistake.

did you even care about me?

I hope that I`ll have chance to kiss you again*

I wanna be yours like I was for new year!

I miss you so, don`t wanna mention how much I love you.

it`s ridiculous, it`s been 8 months since we`ve been together..

but I just can`t stop thinking about you.

you make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time..

DAMN!! why can`t I forget you? it`s so hard!

I wanna say something..

don`t ever say that you know me after five minutes…

you think that i`m childish and shy, but you`re wrong..

I change..a lot!

just open your eyes and you will see!

I would like to turn time back..and you would be only mine again